10 Most In Demand Skills Employers Look For in 2019

Time and again, when clients show me their old resumes, I see skills that are completely outdated or irrelevant. Not only does listing these skills take you out of the running, but it really ages you as well. To avoid this career faux-pas, here are the most in demand skills employers look for in 2019.

Digital Networking & Good Manners

As if we didn’t already know the critical importance of digital networking, a 2015 The New York Times Business Section featured two articles that contain useful strategies beyond “just do it.” The points made are as relevant today as they were in 2015. Margaret Morford’s “How Not to be a Networking Leech,” in particular, resonated with me

The Real Reason that Getting a Job is Difficult

Why is getting a job so difficult? When you discover an interesting job posting and decide to apply, you follow the prompt to complete your application online. Like everyone else, you upload a cover letter and your resume, answer some questions and hit “send,” confident that your candidacy will be considered because your qualifications are

Job Satisfaction isn’t “Takin’ Care of Business”

Economist Robert H. Frank wrote an article that was published in yesterday’s New York Times, “The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love,” where he suggests that people faced with a job offer for a high salary but low job satisfaction “resist the soul-crushing job’s promise of extra money and savor the more satisfying conditions you’ll find