Can a Freelancer Get a Full Time Job?

When freelancers look for full time jobs, they are often baffled by rejection from companies for positions they are well qualified for. This has happened to all of my self-employed clients who decide transition to full time employment. However, given their poor success rate, many wonder, “can a freelancer get a full time job?” Given

Temp to Perm: THIS is How to Get a Job!

Temp to Perm is a great way to get hired, especially if you don’t have the exact background an employer is looking for.By signing up with a company like HireArt that provides employers and job seekers the opportunity to try each other out for a specified time, or temp to perm, as it’s called in

Volunteerism Belongs on a Resume! (but not where you think)

Unpaid work – (volunteerism) belongs on a resume “Why did you list volunteer experience under my jobs,” Anya recently inquired. “Isn’t that stretching the truth?” “Stretching it how?” I replied. “Were you, or weren’t you a volunteer there?” “Well, yes,” Anya said. “But I don’t want anyone to think it was a real job!” My

Negotiating Salary

It’s gratifying when clients get in touch with me after I’ve helped them craft a new resume and LinkedIn profile to let me know that they’ve received a job offer. I’m happy not only for them, but also for the feedback it provides on my effectiveness as a career coach and resume writer. But within