How to answer salary questions during a job interview

Do you even have to answer salary questions? It is now illegal to ask for salary history in NYC, as well as many other cities and states in the U.S, but asking for a candidate’s salary history is so routine in other venues that it’s important to learn how to answer questions about your salary. In

Don’t Blow It! How to Answer Interview Questions

There’s only one way to answer interview questions And that’s the answer that differentiates you from the other candidates while not raising any red flags for the interviewer. Plus, the answer you give the gatekeeper – typically HR – can differ from how you answer the hiring manager. My tip for getting past HR is

I Did Everything WRONG: Let Me Teach you How to Ruin Your Job Search

How career coaches can help with your job search I’ve met some excellent career coaches and resume writers on LinkedIn. There’s a great deal of consensus, as well as occasionally radically different approaches in how we guide our clients, but because we tend to be a collegial bunch, we share each other’s posts so that

How to Handle Difficult Interview Questions

In this post, I’ll explain how to handle difficult interview questions. The most dreaded question is undoubtedly, “what’s your biggest weakness?” The question allows some people to overshare, while others smugly note that they don’t have any. Is there such a thing as a good answer? Is there a way to avoid putting your foot

Try Mindfulness to Stay Calm at a Job Interview

Mindfulness can help you stay calm during a job interview Like most HR professionals, I’ve sat on both sides of the desk during a job interview, so I know what you’re going through. As a regular meditator, I’ve learned that mindfulness is a great technique for staying calm during  a job interview. But wait –