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I am an executive resume writer, proud to have been named among the best resume writers NYC, as well as one of the top 15 LinkedIn experts, whose background as a global Human Resources executive means I know how optimal resume writing impacts the way your candidacy will be viewed by recruiters and hiring managers.  Unlike other executive resume writers, my insights into recruitment improve your chances for getting an interview by articulating your professional brand and the specific accomplishments that differentiate you from every other candidate.

You may be wondering about the difference between executive resume writers, professional resume writers, and “ordinary” resume writers. The term “professional resume writers” is kind of squishy – does it refer to resume writers for professional job seekers, or are the resume writers calling themselves professional? The term “executive resume writers” is clearer; it suggests that the resume writer only works with individuals whose job titles are manager or higher. Other resume writers work with clients in service industries which includes most non-exempt employees. Rising Star Resumes serves clients in the U.S., EMEA and APAC who seek professional resume writing services for executives.

There are many professional resume writers in NYC, and while many of them are good, you should steer clear of businesses calling themselves professional resume writing services that are really nothing more than call centers staffed by people with no experience in recruitment. Resume writing is an skill based on knowledge of corporate recruitment practices, marketing, and communications skills. Many professional resume writing services lack this multifaceted expertise. Read this to learn what to consider when selecting a resume writer.

The best professional resume writers understand that their role is to help you market yourself. Resume writing is marketing; it’s my job to turn your resume into a robust tool that markets you to your target employers. Resume writing is not just a history of your employment. Resume writing should be targeted to the end user, namely the recruiter or hiring manager. Not all executive resume writers understand this. It boils down to this: the goal of a resume is to get you invited to an interview.

To learn more about effective resume writing, I encourage you to explore the articles on my blog that explain the many facets of resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization. Just ask your question in the search bar for relevant blog posts.

When I was a recruiter, I posted jobs on LinkedIn, so I know how to write a LinkedIn profile that will improve your profile’s searchability. This means that when a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for a candidate with your background, your chances of  being found are optimized and your profile will appear higher when someone performs a candidate search.

I work with clients to enhance their resume writing in multiple fields that include data analytics, information technology, project management, digital marketing, sales, finance, HR and other professions.  I also specialize in resume writing for public sector clients who want to find employment in the private sector; this includes individuals from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as members of the NYPD’s executive team.

I’m also proud to be the only professional resume writer in NYC to be a featured contributor to NBCNews’ Know Your Value initiative.  Learn why recruiters probably won’t read your cover letter, as well as 5 ways to re-think your resume and learn why I don’t believe in customizing your resume for every application.

Check out the samples of my resume writing by clicking on any of the professions featured. Each resume you’ll find under the Samples tab earned the client multiple interviews within 3 months or less.

I’m often asked for advice on how to navigate what seem to be the many obstacles to career success. I don’t consider myself an expert on that topic, but I know who does – Jennifer Brick, whose book Career Glow-UP is an excellent tool for helping you achieve your career goals.

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