work with a professional resume writerIf you’re thinking of working with a professional resume writer, you first need to understand what it will cost, what is included, and how you will work with the writer you choose. My pricing isn’t complicated; my fee for a new resume and LinkedIn profile starts at $500 for less complicated projects; typically, resumes for mid-career professionals are $650 – $1,000. Once you tell me about your profession and future goals, I can quote you a fee appropriate for your experience and field. While I am occasionally asked how much I’d charge for the resume only, I strongly recommend not skipping that step if you’re a corporate professional. Read “Is LinkedIn Necessary to Get a Job” to learn why.

Working with a resume writing service

Each resume writer has her own process, but mine is highly customized. The first step is for you to send me your current resume, along with any new information that may not be included on it.

A critical step in my process is for you send me 3-4 job postings that represent the type of positions that you would use your new resume to apply for. There are two reasons for this: as a HR professional, I want to see if you’re targeting positions that you have a reasonable chance of being selected for.  Secondly, I need to identify the keywords that your target employers are using so that I can organically embed as many as possibly in your resume.

Then I will generate a firm quote based on what you’ve sent me, and send you my client agreement.

Once I’ve reviewed your current resume and those representative jobs, I’ll develop a compelling summary of qualifications that serves as your professional brand, articulating who you are and the value proposition you represent to a potential employer.

This is how I differentiate you from everyone else who does what you do

When you work with a professional resume writer like me, I want to develop a list of very specific things that you’ve  accomplished that serve to differentiate you from other candidates. Often, these details are buried deep within the resume when they should be highlighted. Most job seekers leave out those details, so I work with you to elicit some specific examples that demonstrate how well you do what you do.

After I email you the first draft, we’ll discuss your feedback and incorporate that feedback into the next iteration. It’s important not to expect too much from the first draft since I’m basically deconstructing what was in your old resume and build it up with details that will help you get hired. When you work with a resume writing service, you should expect that the resume writer can tell the difference between information that’s irrelevant and details that will get you noticed. In most cases, we’ll probably go back and forth on two to four more iterations to achieve a resume that represents you well. If not, we continue writing the resume until we are both pleased with the result.

Once the resume is completed, I’ll begin working on your LinkedIn profile, which entails developing a searchable headline and About section.

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