Sample Resumes for Human Resources Professionalsresumes for Human Resources professionals

Human Resources professionals on every level from associate to Chief People Officer need a resume that brands them as either a generalist or a specialist. If you are a generalist, your resume must explain the breadth of your experience as well as the level of responsibility you have assumed. While no one is expert in every facet of human resources, depending on the role you aspire to, you will be expected to have working knowledge in benefits administration, compensation analysis, performance evaluation, recruiting, succession planning, and employee relations, as well as expertise in some of these specialties. If you are a specialist in one of the many fields within HR, your resume must professionally brand you as such, whether you are an employee relations expert, a HRIS systems expert, a benefits administrator or compensation/payroll manager.

Are you a HR generalist?

It’s important to establish at the outset if your experience is transactional or strategic. Your resume should reflect a background in transactional HR, even if you are already a strategist or intend to become one; a working knowledge of transactional processes is invaluable for developing procedural strategies.

Another feature unique to the human resources profession is the need to mention the functional area to which you reported.

Finally, HR resumes share one important requirement with resumes for every profession; that is the need to quantify achievements. While it’s easy to quantify achievements in sales (you exceeded quota by significant percentages) or in PR (your product launches netted $1M in new revenue within one quarter), achievements in HR can include areas of infrastructure you may have built, new processes you’ve documented, challenges you successfully addressed in employee relations, and so.

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You should also consider joining the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). I am a member myself, and have always found their site a great resource for materials I needed for all the different fields of HR. Their job postings may be the best place to find your next position.

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