Dina’s Disastrous Job Interview

Job interview success is really based on a healthy dose of self-confidence. When you don’t believe in yourself, it’s really hard to convince anyone else to believe in you. So when you walk into a job interview more worried about blowing it than marketing yourself, you will blow it. And that’s what happened to Dana

What are Your Salary Requirements?

Rose, a client whose resume I’d recently written, emailed me today to say that her first interview with her target company had gone very well, and in follow-up the interviewer asked, “what are your salary requirements?” This question makes everyone understandably nervous; if the number you give is higher than the employer has budgeted, you

What’s Your Biggest Weakness? And Other Interview Traps

It’s the question that everyone dreads during a job interview: “what’s your biggest weakness?” The question allows some people to overshare, while others smugly note that they don’t have any. Is there such a thing as a good answer? is there a way to avoid putting your foot in your mouth and hobbling your shot

Interview Follow-up: The Thank You Note

Most job seekers know that it’s customary to write a thank you note as your interview follow-up, but aren’t sure what to say beyond, “thank you for your time.” Which, when you think about it, isn’t the only message you want to convey. So think about the rationale behind your interview follow-up: being polite gaining

5 Reasons Why You Blew Your Job Interview

You got called for a job interview! That, in itself, is fantastic news. Clearly, your resume articulated how your skills and background could potentially make you the best candidate for the job. You made it to the Short List. On paper, at least, you look reasonably good to the recruiter or hiring manager. Maybe you are The One