For more help with your job search, I recommend these well-regarded professionals:

Career Counseling

While helping you decide the best career for you is not a service I provide, I am pleased to highly recommended a licensed counselor with whom you can collaborate on your career and professional development. Meredith Walters,offers a 7-week online “Passion Quest.” Visit Meredith’s website or more information.

Gena Anderson, is a Certified Career and Leadership Coach helping high-achieving women successfully pivot to a second-act career.Her background in human resources management offers behind-the-scenes insight into the hiring process to help you land your dream job faster. Visit Gena’s website to learn more.

You can also check out Alison Cardy at Cardy Career Coaching. Alison says, “Here at Cardy Career Coaching, we connect the “missing link” between you (a smart, capable, educated, good-hearted professional with so many gifts to give the world) and a career path that values your unique strengths (and a world that needs all the help it can get!).”

And for women in tech, you can’t go wrong with Laura Leach. She’s a certified career coach who helps professional women in technology get hired! During her 20 years as a Recruiter for startups and large tech companies, she spent years diving deep with hiring managers to understand what they look for in candidates. She’s interviewed thousands of people and coached candidates through phone screens, interview prep conversations, and job offer negotiations.Putting it all together, Laura helps women gain clarity, build self-confidence, and teaches them to create clear, actionable job search strategies and negotiate the compensation they deserve. Check out her website to schedule a consult.

Tool for making your job application stand out

The McCoy app in the App Store:


Consider enhancing your LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot – a good investment for senior managers and those who aspire to be. I recommend Rich Storm at NYPhotoNY. Check out his Instagram.