While you’re immersed in the many aspects of your job search, you may want to reach out to other types of service providers.

Ensure that what you write is flawless

For the assurance that everything you’ve written is error free and grammatically perfect, I highly recommend Susan Rooks, known as the Grammar Goddess. She’s my go-to copyeditor who helps professionals look and sound as smart as they are. www.GrammarGoddess.com


Make your LinkedIn profile pop with a professional headshot

Is a professional photograph strictly necessary? Not at all, and most people are fine with using a clearly focused headshot taken on their mobile device. Just never use a selfie, or crop a photo with a distracting background. Your profile headshot creates an all important first impression of your professionalism, so chose it with care.

That said, there are instances where having a professional take your photo can make a huge difference. I recommend talking to Nathaniel Welch, a New York City-based photographer whose portfolio is pretty impressive.


Career Counseling

While helping you decide the best career for you is not a service I provide, I am pleased to highly recommended two certified counselors with whom you can collaborate on your career and professional development. Alissa Carpenter administers well-recognized assessment tests that help you identify your strengths, a critical first-step in identifying your career. Visit Alissa’s website for further information.

Additionally, you may wish to check out Meredith Walters, a licensed career counselor who offers a 7-week online “Passion Quest.” Visit Meredith’s website for more information.