For more help with your job search, I highly recommend these excellent professionals:

Career Counseling

While helping you decide the best career for you is not a service I provide, I am pleased to highly recommended a licensed counselor with whom you can collaborate on your career and professional development. Meredith Walters,offers a 7-week online “Passion Quest.” Visit Meredith’s website or more information.

And for women in tech, you can’t go wrong with Laura Leach. She’s a certified career coach who helps professional women in technology get hired! During her 20 years as a Recruiter for startups and large tech companies, she spent years diving deep with hiring managers to understand what they look for in candidates. She’s interviewed thousands of people and coached candidates through phone screens, interview prep conversations, and job offer negotiations.

Putting it all together, Laura helps women gain clarity, build self-confidence, and teaches them to create clear, actionable job search strategies and negotiate the compensation they deserve. Check out her website to schedule a consult.

Personal Branding Help for LinkedIn

Marietta Gentles Crawford helps coaches, consultants, and professional leaders who want to build strong personal brands. They struggle with finding the time to write and tell their stories in an authentic way that makes them stand out and be seen as experts. She helps them communicate with intention, so they feel confident about building their personal brands and attracting new opportunities. Here’s the link:


Consider enhancing your LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot – a good investment for senior managers and those who aspire to be. I recommend talking to Nathaniel Welch, a New York City-based photographer whose portfolio is pretty impressive. Mention Rising Star Resumes for a discounted rate

Ensure that what you write is flawless

For the assurance that everything you’ve written is error free and grammatically perfect, I highly recommend Susan Rooks, known as the Grammar Goddess. She’s my go-to copyeditor who helps professionals look and sound as smart as they are.