Is Your Resume Writer Any Good?

For a resume writer to be any good, her clients should get interviews The best criteria for judging a resume writer’s skill is how many of their clients get called for interviews – NOT how many get job offers. Here’s why: you could have the best resume in the world, and it might take forever

Help Finding a Job When What You’re Doing Doesn’t Work

If you need help finding a job, you’re not alone Back in 2013, John Sullivan, a PhD in human resources, used data analysis to explain why most candidates need help finding a job. His reasoning was that if job candidates understand the numbers, they’ll be better armed to handle the realities of the job search. And

differences between your resume and job application

Resumes Aren’t Job Applications!

Nearly half the time when clients send me their resumes, the resume is a hybrid of resume and job application. But resumes aren’t job applications, and an impactful resume doesn’t conflate the two. The main difference between resumes and job applications has to do with their separate functions. Resumes are marketing tools used with the

Do You Have Gaps in Your Resume?

You already know that gaps in your resume that point to periods of unemployment will cause some recruiters and hiring managers to reject your resume. That’s unfair, but it’s a reality, so let’s discuss some ways to hide or explain the gap in such a way as to avoid rejection. The reason for the gap

Keywords in the Resume: Do They Really Matter?

Clients often ask me if I’ve included the “right” keywords in the resume, but while I once thought keywords mattered a great deal, I no longer do. Keywords in the resume aren’t intended for human eyes; they exist mostly for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software which itself only exists for the overwhelmed (or lazy)

What’s a Proven Leader? And Other Phrases That Don’t Belong on Resumes

“I am leader, and I can prove it?” Is that what job candidates and some resume writers (the not so good ones) mean when they include”proven leader” as part of your value proposition? Pretty silly, isn’t it? And I’ll bet that the phrase, “results driven” follows close behind – another phrase that doesn’t really mean

What are the Best Job Board Sites?

Part of my process as a resume writer is to ask clients to send me 2-3 job postings that they are interested in applying for; reviewing them gives me a good idea of how to position the client’s value proposition for his or her target employer. That leads most people to ask me, “which are

Is a College Degree Necessary to Get a Good Job?

You want to know – before you make a huge financial investment – is a college degree necessary to get a good job. I’m not going to repeat the gazillions of studies and statistics that prove that candidates without college degrees earn less than those who have them, nor will I bore you by repeating