How Good is Your Resume Writer?

How can you tell if your resume writer is good? The best resume writer creates resumes that get her clients interviews, but you shouldn’t judge the quality of a resume writer based on how many get job offers her clients get. Here’s why: you could have the best resume in the world, and it might

Leave These 9 Things off Your Resume

(appeared in HuffPost by Casey Bond) When was the last time you reviewed your resume? According to a recent poll by career site Monster, 39 percent of respondents said they updated their resume the last time they applied for a job; 8 percent said they couldn’t even remember the last time they looked at it. But

Do You Have Gaps in Your Resume?

You already know that gaps in your resume that point to periods of unemployment will cause some recruiters and hiring managers to reject your resume. That’s unfair, but it’s a reality, so let’s discuss some ways to hide or explain the gap in such a way as to avoid rejection. The reason for the gap

Seven Signs that Your Resume is Outdated

Your Resume is Outdated If It is simply a history of your work life since the day you joined the workforce You’re using an AOL email address: it may sound trivial, but nothing screams “over 50” or in general, out of it, than an AOL address. I was floored once when a senior IT executive

Is a College Degree Necessary to Get a Good Job?

You want to know – before you make a huge financial investment – is a college degree necessary to get a good job. I’m not going to repeat the gazillions of studies and statistics that prove that candidates without college degrees earn less than those who have them, nor will I bore you by repeating

You’re Graduating: Now Learn How to Write a Resume

Last week, I met two new clients, both of whom had graduated in 2016, but neither of whom knew how to write a resume – and the result was a bad post-graduate year in which neither had found employment in his or her profession. Things should change for both of them quickly now that they

How to Avoid Resume Rejection for Online Applications

“I’ve applied to so many jobs, but I never hear back!” Clients call me every day, frustrated about high rates of resume rejection when they attempt to apply for jobs online. The reason that most online submissions are rejected when you apply online lies in one deadly acronym – ATS, or Applicant Tracking System software.