What do Employers look for in a Resumes for Executive Assistants?resumes for executive assistants

Whether you are considered an executive assistant, a professional assistant or an administrative assistant depends not only on the level of experience you have, but also the type of expertise you have. Expertise refers not only to software skills, but also to web conferencing, telecom and other technologies that you can maximize to make you indispensable to the executive you support. An assistant’s resume, regardless of level of expertise or experience must showcase your technical and software skills. The hit TV show Mad Men depicted what are today antiquated skills and tools, such as the Rolodex, stenography and electric typewriters. Today’s assistants must be proficient in both Windows and Mac operating systems, have excellent Microsoft Office skills in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, at a minimum, not to mention accounting software, web conferencing know how, online travel reservation software, and so on.

Furthermore, resumes for executive assistants should immediately let your future employer known how much responsibility you are comfortable assuming, as well as how successfully you managed the responsibilities you’ve taken on. The very best, top paid assistants not only have great office management skills, but they also understand the industry in which they’re employed – well enough, often, represent the executive they support.

Gone are the days when the best administrative or executive assistants had secretarial degrees from Katherine Gibbs. Today, most vocational and community colleges offer courses in the software and other relevant applications that enhance your qualifications.

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Here are some sample resumes for Executive Assistants that I’ve Written

Office Manager sample

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

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