Teaching is such an important profession (I used to teach HS & college English, myself) that it never ceases to amaze me the extent to which teachers are underpaid. COVID-19 made matters worse, as suddenly educators had to teach on remote platforms, often while their own kids were trying to attend virtual classes in the same room. And now, with some states enacting scary tactics to monitor and potentially punish teachers based on local sensitivities – well it’s no wonder the profession we as a nation rely on to prepare our youth for the future is losing headcount at a startling rate.

So what are teachers who want out to do next? Their resumes contain classroom experience, which isn’t going to tell corporate employers much about how they can perform the requirements of a particular job opening. A 2020 article in Forbes offers 5 tips for teachers who want out, but the smartest thing teachers can do is target two fields in particular: EdTech and curriculum design.

Unfortunately, when teachers show me the job descriptions they’re interested in, it’s often clear that they haven’t read them thoroughly. While EdTech and curriculum design companies do want former teachers, they often expect those teachers to have some experience in other areas. So read the job descriptions carefully and if you can add some competencies on your own. Get certifications that address your new career, or start a side gig.

One teacher told me she wanted to go into project management, but had never heard of PMP certification, and when asked what project management experience she had, responded that she organized field trips. I suggested that she enroll in an online certification course to earn a PMP. Another teacher had a side gig as an online travel agent, which seems unrelated to EdTech, but demonstrates that she has customer service experience as well as expertise with travel planning software. All software competencies are assets to a job seeker.

These resumes resulted in the educators starting new careers outside of education:

Client Success – EdTech

Curriculum Development

educational consultant

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