How to Avoid Revealing your Salary History During a Job Search

Your salary history should be between you and your former employer… so do your best to avoid revealing your salary history during your job search. Asking for a candidate’s salary history is so routine that most job seekers don’t realize how responding puts them at a disadvantage once an offer is made. And because it’s

Getting a Job Using LinkedIn Contacts

Great Tips for Getting a Job Using LinkedIn Contacts Did you know that LinkedIn has great job postings? The most influential professional networking site is also the perfect site for getting a job, as recruiters and hiring managers typically post their openings there, so LinkedIn should be your first stop for searching opportunities. But no matter

How To Crush Your Job Interview

co-authored with Anders Liu-Lindberg You’re Sure You’ll Crush your Job Interview…Right? You’ve made it! You’ve been applying to jobs for which you had a reasonable expectation of being a good fit, yet worried that your resume ended up in a black hole, despite following all the tips you could find on how to crush your

How “Try & Buy” Can Help Change your Career Path

Employers don’t need much encouragement to adopt a “try-before-you-buy” recruitment strategy; daily exposure to a candidate’s work and ability to fit into company culture before making a full time commitment to full time employment is an obvious advantage for a hiring manager. But what about job candidates – in particular, what if you want to change

Don’t Blow It! How to Answer Interview Questions

There’s only one way to answer interview questions And that’s the answer that differentiates you from the other candidates while not raising any red flags for the interviewer. Plus, the answer you give the gatekeeper – typically HR – can differ from how you answer the hiring manager. My tip for getting past HR is

Job Search Websites: Which is the Best for Getting Hired?

  The sad truth is that other than LinkedIn, arguably, none of the job search websites are a sure route towards getting hired. Key to my process in working with clients to update their resume is to ask for one or two job listings that represent what they’ll use their new resume to apply for; that’s how I