business writing training seminarAfter 15 years in the corporate world, I’ve read more poorly worded communications – both internal and external – than I care to think about, and that’s why you should consider hiring me to deliver my business writing training seminar. Each seminar is completely customized for your company or department’s unique needs, and is based on actual examples that you and your employees wrote prior to the seminar. During the seminar, I demonstrate how these legacy communications could be better targeted to the intended audience.

Most people think that grammatical errors are the big issue, but that’s actually not the case. The biggest problem with most business writing is that the recipient has difficulty figuring out 1) why he or she needs to read it, and 2) what he or she should do after reading. Sounds obvious, but all too often the message is completely obfuscated by the writer trying to sound “business-like.” Corporate-speak is another obstacle to communication.

My business writing training seminar covers the fundamentals of business writing: purpose, clarity, and exposition, and then has participants revise the examples based on those fundamentals. We will address grammar, but within the context of the example, so there’s no danger of participants feeling like they’re back in middle school English class!

Participants will work in collaborative learning groups that mirror real world corporate writing challenges that include the following:

  • emails
  • client communications
  • internal memorandums
  • Slack communications
  • social media

Each participant in my Business Writing Training Seminar receives a digital copy of the customized workbook.

My background includes heading marketing communications in the financial services sector, where I specialized in Human Resources communications regarding complex equity compensation benefits. I am the author of GED Language Arts & Writing, and a former instructor of English at The City University of New York.

Click here to learn more about my background. To book a business writing training seminar, call (516) 987-8557.