How Good is Your Resume Writer?

A good resume writer writes resumes that get her clients interviews The best criteria for determining if yours is a good resume writer should be based on how many of her clients get called for interviews; not on how many get job offers her clients get. Here’s why: you could have the best resume in

Help Finding a Job When Your Way Doesn’t Work

If you need help finding a job, you’re not alone Back in 2013, John Sullivan, a PhD in human resources, used data analysis to explain why most candidates need help finding a job. His reasoning was that if job candidates understand the numbers, they’ll be better armed to handle the realities of the job search. And

10 Most In Demand Skills Employers Look For in 2019

Time and again, when clients show me their old resumes, I see skills that are completely outdated or irrelevant. Not only does listing these skills take you out of the running, but it really ages you as well. To avoid this career faux-pas, here are the most in demand skills employers look for in 2019.

How to Find a Professional Resume Writer

Why is it so hard to find a professional resume writer? While there are many professional resume writers who do excellent work, there are also too many “resume mills” that churn out a resume within an hour for a temptingly low price, making it hard to find a professional resume writer who can meet your

What’s Your Biggest Weakness? And Other Interview Traps

It’s the question that everyone dreads during a job interview: “what’s your biggest weakness?” The question allows some people to overshare, while others smugly note that they don’t have any. Is there such a thing as a good answer? is there a way to avoid putting your foot in your mouth and hobbling your shot

Best Resume Advice: 3 Types of People to Avoid

You want feedback on your resume, so who should you ask? Who will give you the best resume advice? Many people solicit feedback on their resumes from well-intentioned people who nevertheless are unqualified to weigh in. I recognize that it’s more than a bit self-serving since I’m clearly suggesting that I am qualified, but stay