The Best Resume Advice

You want feedback on your new resume before starting your job search. But who gives the best resume advice? Who among your family, friends or colleagues should you turn to to get constructive feedback? Probably none of them. Occasionally when I’m working with a client, they report feedback from “my brother-in-law,” “my manager,” or “the

Don’t Use a Resume Template!

When clients send me their resumes in a template that they downloaded from the Internet, I immediately copy and paste the information into a Word document, and work on the resume in Word. Sometimes, when we’re done with the content, the client asks when I’m going to make it look “nice,” or “more professional.” I’m

You are the Product; Your Resume is How You Market Yourself

If you want to connect with your target employers, stop thinking of your resume as a history of your work life. It’s not. You are the product, the employer is the consumer, and your resume is how you market yourself. So when the occasional client is perplexed as to why I removed portions of her

Leave These Details Off Your Resume

Your resume isn’t an autobiography of your career. Resumes are marketing tools intended to take job candidates to the next step in the hiring process, which is to get interviewed by the hiring manager. To market yourself strategically requires presenting potential employers with a value proposition that aligns with the position they need to fill.

Turn Your Resume into a Marketing Tool

Stop thinking of your resume as a history of everything you’ve done in the workforce and turn your resume into a marketing tool by using the strategies that successful marketers employ to sell their products. Get your head around the concept that you are the product and potential employers are the buyers. Marketers understand that

How to Write a Resume When You’re Changing Careers

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on several industries, notably retail and hospitality, while others are considering changing careers during this period of uncertainty and fear. The good news is that companies are hiring, but the bad news is that competition is considerably stiffer. And if you are changing careers – also known as  a

Don’t Put Credentials Next to Your Name on Your Resume

Have you seen resumes with the candidate’s academic or professional credentials as part of the person’s name? We don’t think twice about referring to medical doctors as Latisha Jones, MD, but what if Latisha earned a Master’s  in neuroscience? Should she refer to herself as Latisha Jones, M.S.? This is a squirrelly issue, as people

“I’m a Fast Learner,” & Other Resume Claims

  Would that I had a nickel for every client who asked me to include in the resume that they are a “fast learner,” or a “diligent worker,” or my all time fave, a “proven leader.” But I don’t, or I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about it. Here’s the thing: everyone says stuff