You’ve embarked on your #jobsearch, so you’ve identified a number of job openings to apply for.
Have you actually read the requirements listed in those job postings?
When I review my clients’ resumes against the requirements listed for the jobs they’re interested in, I often see deal-breaking gaps.
As a HR executive, I’ve worked with many hiring managers to write job postings, and no one expects candidates to hit every requirement. But there are requirements, and there are “nice to haves.”
Requirements such as education credentials can frequently be ignored IF the candidate can demonstrate experience doing what the employer believes is necessary to be successful in the role.
Other requirements, not so much. A recent client wanted to apply for a role for which the first requirement was 7+ years experience in digital entertainment operations, although he had none. Another client had applied for a HR generalist role based on having addressed some employee relations issues, and wondered why she never heard back.
If you want to avoid rejection, focus your job search on positions where you meet most of the requirements, and understand that candidates who also meet several of the “nice to haves” will likely be considered first.