5 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Results

If your resume isn’t getting results, you’re probably making one of these common mistakes. But first, let’s be clear about the type of result you should expect; the immediate result of a great resume is a call asking you to come in for an interview. That’s what you’re aiming for, so avoid these 5 resume

Why Do You Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Make Certain that your Resume will be Read As a former Human Resources executive, I know exactly which resumes will get read and which will get tossed aside. Recruiters and hiring managers typically receive far more resumes for an opening than they have time to read. Resumes get scanned for only a few seconds before

Should You Include Your Address on your Resume?

The answer to whether or not to include your address on your resume is this: maybe. Here are 2 reasons not to include your address on your resume: ATS Ah, the evils of ATS software! It’s programmed to reject resumes that are not within whatever the employer considers reasonable proximity to the job location. So let’s say

Resume Writing Tips – Make Recruiters Take Notice

professional resume and keyboardResume Writing Tips to Make Hiring Managers and Recruiters Take Notice

The key to writing the best resume is to showcase the accomplishments that make you attractive to an employer. I can’t emphasize this enough. Most job seekers focus on listing every responsibility they performed at every job, thinking that the hiring manager or human resources manager cares enough to figure out what makes you a valuable candidate. That’s WRONG! It’s your job to demonstrate what makes you such an excellent prospective employee, and the way you do that is to lead with a list of your accomplishments.

3 Reasons Not to Accept a Job Offer

Maybe you’re truly unhappy and unfulfilled at your current job. Maybe you’re unemployed and are beginning to feel a bit desparate. You’re convinced that you will take anything to either get you out of a bad job or lingering unemployment. Think twice – actually, think three times –  before you grab the first job offer.