Referrals for ancillary servicesFinding your Career Path

While helping you decide the best career for you is not a service I provide, I am pleased to highly recommended two certified counselors with whom you can collaborate on your career and professional development. Alissa Carpenter administers well-recognized assessment tests that help you identify your strengths, a critical first-step in identifying your career. Visit Alissa’s website for further information.

Additionally, you may wish to check out Meredith Walters, a licensed career counselor who offers a 7-week online “Passion Quest.” Visit Meredith’s website for more information.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop with a Professional Headshot

Is a professional photograph strictly necessary? Not at all, and most people are fine with using a clearly focused headshot taken on their mobile device. Just never use a selfie, or crop a photo with a distracting background. Your profile headshot creates an all important first impression of your professionalism, so chose it with care.

That said, there are instances where having a professional take your photo can make a huge difference. I recommend talking to Nathaniel Welch, a New York City-based photographer whose portfolio is pretty impressive.



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