resumes for teacher Teachers are arguably the most important professionals in our lives – as critical to our well-being and future success as are physicians! And while some cultures venerate educators, in the United States, teaching is the second lowest paid profession; only journalists earn less. For that reason, Rising Star Resumes provides a discount on the cost of revising resumes for teachers.

What should resumes for teachers include? A brief statement regarding one’s pedagogical approach is always nice, but most important is to make clear what type of teacher you are – your certifications, licensing and any other credentials that a school would find relevant. Private or public? Parochial or secular? ESL, special education or mainstream? These are all important criteria to note in your resume.

Some teachers are born for the classroom; others may wish to transition into an administrative role, which, of course, requires additional licensing, while others find corporate or educational training an interesting next step. Whatever path you chose, make sure your resume immediately lets the principal or school board get a feel for the person behind the degree.

Here are a few samples of resumes for teachers that I’ve written:

Sample Elementary School teacher

Sample Special Education teacher

Sample High School English teacher

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