Nurses – Medicine’s UnSung Heroes resumes for nurses

Nurses provide highly skilled care without the prestige that M.D.s enjoy, yet try to imagine how healthcare would be provided without them!

So Let’s Think About What Resumes for Nurses Need to Explain

What are your goals for your nursing career? Is your goal to be part of a dynamic hospital staff? To become a nurse practitioner? Nurse trainer? Or do you want to leave clinical nursing and get involved in clinical trials? Even though the demand for nurses is high, hiring managers are equally demanding about finding the nurses with the specific expertise they need.

Rising Star Resumes showcases your training and exact skill set, demonstrating the procedures at which you are experienced, as well as documenting your clinical rotations and the different hospital units where you worked, such as the ICU, OR, peds, oncology, and so on.

In appreciation for the good work you do, Rising Star Resumes offers a discount for nurses.

View these sample resumes for nurses that include resumes for new graduates of nursing programs as well as experienced registered nurses, LPNs and nurse practitioners:

Sample Nurse Practitioner

Sample Registered Nurse

Sample Medical Technician

Sample Director of Nursing

Sample Recent Nursing School graduate