Sample Resumes for Creative Professionalsresumes for creative professionals

Creative fields require an aesthetic appeal that reflects the candidate’s artist sense while responding to each prospective employer’s needs. For these resumes, I use an Avenir or Century Gothic font – not Arial as in other resumes – as it conveys a contemporary aesthetic.

It should be obvious that if you’re selling your aesthetic sensibility, your resume should be visibly attractive as well. But this presents a problem for creative professionals. You design a beautiful format for your resume, but unfortunately, Applicant Tracking System software (the kind that eats up your resume and spits it out when you apply for jobs online) can’t read special formatting. That’s why I create visually attractive resumes without any formatting. Resumes for creative professionals that I write are attractive, but they are simple Word documents.

One important addition to every resume for creative professions is the link to your website. Websites are the modern portfolio – and one that you don’t need to carry around. By including a link to the URL, you allow recruiters to immediately preview your work and determine if you’re someone they want to meet.

Another good idea is whenever possible to include names of clients for whom you’ve done projects, and if that work involved designing a website, you should include a link to that as well. But brand name clients validate your expertise, so unless you are contractually prohibited from mentioning them, you’ll do yourself well to mention their names.

View these sample resumes for creative professionals:

Sample Fabric Designer

Sample Photography Director

Sample product designer

Are you a photographer? Do you design textiles, fashion, graphics, websites or even products? Creative professionals are among my most interesting clients; while many people share a title or profession, each creative person’s work is unique. More than any other resume, resumes for creative professionals need to demonstrate more than experience; they also must document expertise. While sales or marketing or financial professionals need to quantify their accomplishments, creatives can prove how good they are simply by showing off their work.