Most interview preparation focuses on learning all there is to know about a company. That’s important, for sure, but it’s best interview preparationequally important to tell your career story authentically. So many people research the “best” answers to frequently asked interview questions, but doing that means that you’ll just sound like everyone else – and completely inauthentic.

Telling your career story authentically is an art, so Rising Star Resumes has teamed up with Sarah Elkins of Elkins Consulting to help you learn the smart, succinct, and most important – authentic – way to tell your story!

Nearly every interview begins with the question, “tell me about yourself,” which fills nearly every job candidate with anxiety. What do they want to hear? What is the answer they’re looking for? How can I respond without sounding self-serving, but at the same time, promoting myself properly? Sarah will help you develop an authentic answer to this open-ended question, one that eliminates rambling, off-topic responses and focuses on articulating what it is about you that makes you a compelling candidate for the position you’re interviewing for.

Here’s Sarah’s story:

“I teach people how to find their stories, organize them, and share them across platforms. I love people, which is why I’m devoted to helping them find better ways to connect and improve their lives. Learning to tell your story is the key to your success. Learning to understand your audience and make your story effective is the key to storytelling.

I believe in being human in all our faults and beauty in every environment. Understanding that each of us has our own story helps me work with people to improve their day to day interactions.”

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To gain the confidence you need before your interview, and to feel comfortable that the person you’re portraying is the real deal, book an interview preparation session with Sarah by emailing her at

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