As a resume writer, my strategy is to differentiate my clients from everyone else who shares the same job title or experience. I do this by working with clients to develop a short list of specific accomplishments that provide employers evidence that the candidate is someone they want to interview. That’s a great way to make your job application stand out.

I’ve just discovered a tool that provides a new and compelling way to make your job application stand out, and that is McCoy. This app walks you through the creation of your own professional reel that includes a video intro, work samples, and other evidence that demonstrates how you’re the best fit for the job. You can create a custom message that explains your unique value proposition for each job posting – meaningful evidence of your potential succcess that can motivate hiring managers to invite you for an interview.

Your McCoy reel gets its own unique link, which you can share in job applications, resumes, emails, and on LinkedIn. You can download the McCoy app in the Apple App Store. Once created, reels can be viewed in any browser. For more information visit

Check out these sample reels that McCoy users have created:

If you’re searching for additional ways to make your job application stand out, I recommend that you try out McCoy. Of course, at the core of your #jobsearch is your resume, so click here to learn about my process and pricing.