best resume writerThe best resume writer you can work with understands that his or her success is only as good as yours. I am proud to have earned more 5-star reviews than any other resume writer in New York City. What really excites me is learning not only how successful my clients are, but how quickly they get called for interviews.

But let my clients tell you whom they consider to be the best resume writer

I’ve already had five companies reach out to me about my resume, and I’ve got a phone interview scheduled today at 5:00.  One of them told me specifically that he reached out to me so quickly because he loved my resume, so I need to thank you for that! Liam D.

Follow-up from Liam D. After three interviews with this company, I just found out that I got the job doing software sales that I was really hoping to get.  Significantly better pay, better benefits, and a great company culture.  They said they went through literally hundreds of resumés, so I know working you definitely made all the difference!

I’m happy to say that I’ll be starting a new marketing consulting position next week. I had a few interviews in the last 2 months; they all went well but this was definitely the right fit for me. Thanks for your help, each person who I interviewed with commented on my resume — which definitely got me the first interview!!” Melissa W.

Lynda, I just wanted to thank you for your services earlier this year. With my updated LinkedIn profile and resume, I landed the perfect position for me. You are a rockstar!! Richard T.

We finalized the resume on Saturday, and I submitted it to a few jobs on Sunday, and had a phone interview the following day. Today, I went for a face to face interview. I can’t even believe that I already went for an interview. I can’t wait to write your review! Yashoda K.

I just want to inform you that i have already had two phone interviews with a recruiter for a Project Coordinator position. I know its just a phone interview, but its a great start after going for almost 4 months without one, it really revived my hope. THANK you so much for your help. Prisca N.
I wanted to thank you for a resume you wrote for me a few months ago. I have just started a dream job. The company found me through my LinkedIn profile you facilitated Kristine L.
After I got hired, my new employer’s HR manager complimented my resume and said that it really stood out John L.
Lynda was a tremendous help in getting my resume and LinkedIn profile up and going. I had recently decided to change careers, and she told me the truth about how I should market myself.  Thanks to her I was able to get a lot of call backs on jobs in the field I was looking for... Julie G.
Bear in mind that the best resume writer is someone who is candid with you about what type of job is feasible given your background. One reason for my clients’ success is their willingness to focus on what is achievable without compromising on their goals.
I hope you’ll also decide that I’m the best resume writer to help you achieve success, so let’s talk: