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Before you pick a provider, you may wonder how you can tell if a resume writer is good. The best resume writers create resumes that get their clients interviews, so don’t conflate that by asking if their clients get job offers.

Here’s why: you could have the best resume in the world, and it might take forever to get an offer. Or, it could take only a few weeks. That’s because resumes don’t get candidates jobs; they get candidates interviews, if they are well written.

The variables are too numerous for the data to have meaning. Consider these obstacles to resume success:

  1. Candidate has a great resume, but applies only by uploading it to the company’s website instead of sourcing network connections who can get it in front of the hiring manager
  2. Great resume leads to interview for a great opportunity, but the candidate doesn’t handle the interview well and is passed over
  3. Great resume leads to successful interview, putting candidate on a shortlist of 3 finalists, but for an intangible reason, one of the other 2 is selected
  4. Great resume, successful interview, candidate is chosen, but company announces a temporary hiring freeze, or simply decides that the position wasn’t necessary

While there are no data that my work, or the work of any other writer, will guarantee a job offer, prospective clients should consider the writer’s background. If the  provider got into resume writing because everyone told them that they’re a good writer, that’s meaningless. Writing skills are important, of course, but they are not the only factor that makes a good resume writer.

You can tell if your resume writer is good based on the following criteria:

The best resume writers understand how recruitment works

I was a human resources professional for many years during which I hired hundreds of people for every position imaginable, from the call center to the c-suite. That means that I was the person who decided whether to hit “delete,” or put a resume aside for further scrutiny. And that means that I know how HR and hiring managers think. So I’d stick to former HR professionals and recruiters who also happen to write well.

A good resume writer understands that resumes are marketing tools

In addition to being a good writer and having a background in recruitment, your resume writer should grasp that your resume is how candidates market their skills and experience. That means guiding clients into dropping irrelevant details that add nothing to a candidate’s value proposition;  just because you worked somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean it belongs on your resume, particularly for college students who work at service jobs while earning their degrees.

Be aware that you can’t tell if your resume writer is good based on whether or not she has professional certification. Belonging to a professional resume writers’ association is also fairly meaningless; I’ve seen what some of those associations consider a good resume, and I refuse to get accredited by them.

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