How Good is Your Resume Writer?

A good resume writer writes resumes that get her clients interviews The best criteria for determining if yours is a good resume writer should be based on how many of her clients get called for interviews; not on how many get job offers her clients get. Here’s why: you could have the best resume in

Can a Freelancer Get a Full Time Job?

When freelancers look for full time jobs, they are often baffled by rejection from companies for positions they are well qualified for. This has happened to all of my self-employed clients who decide transition to full time employment. However, given their poor success rate, many wonder, “can a freelancer get a full time job?” Given

Your Resume: Story of Your Career

Last summer, I wrote a post, “To Get a Job, Tell Your Story.” I was making a point that resumes should avoid trite, hackneyed language in favor of candidates telling the story of their career –  what makes them uniquely of interest to employers. But a post yesterday by my colleague and friend, Bob McIntosh, brought