Recession-Proof Your Resume

I have whiplash. The job market went – in no time – from months of employers bemoaning the paucity of qualified candidates for critical positions to a real hesitation around hiring due to predictions of a looming recession. As of this writing, hiring remains strong in many sectors, although there are already layoffs in some.

Executive Assistant is NOT a Fall Back Job

I’m startled by the number of people who reach out  wanting to transition to being an executive assistant from work in managerial positions, teaching and entrepreneurship because they think that being an executive assistant is a less stressful occupation. But an executive assistant is a professional with specific hard and soft skills, and it isn’t

Is Your Resume Meaningless?

You have to stop sending out meaningless resumes. Hard stop. What makes a resume meaningless? Listing responsibilities without context. A section devoted to keywords (I see you, ATS slaves) without context. Details so outdated that they do you more harm than good. Let me explain, one point at a time. Listing responsibilities without context. Perform