Are Resumes Still Relevant?

They’re traditional, and they’re still the norm, but increasingly people wonder if resumes are still relevant to employers when there are newer ways to assess candidates. As a professional resume writer, I obviously think resumes are still relevant, and will remain relevant for the near future.. Alternatives to resumes include videos in which candidates discuss

Why Your GPA Doesn’t Belong on Your Resume

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now: your GPA doesn’t belong on your resume.  Recent graduates mention their GPAs, which I understand. They’re just exiting an environment where their grades mattered, and if they’re applying to graduate school, they still matter. That doesn’t mean that GPAs add value to resumes, and I’ll explain

Here’s What Recruiters Look for in Your Resume

It doesn’t matter what you think your resume should include; you need to be aware of what recruiters look for. Maybe you’ve shopped your resume around to your family and friends or campus career center for their opinions. But truthfully, the only opinions that really matter belong to the people reading your resume – your