5 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Results

If your resume isn’t getting results, you’re probably making one of these common mistakes. But first, let’s be clear about the type of result you should expect; the immediate result of a great resume is a call asking you to come in for an interview. That’s what you’re aiming for, so avoid these 5 resume

What are Your Salary Requirements?

Rose, a client whose resume I’d recently written, emailed me today to say that her first interview with her target company had gone very well, and in follow-up the interviewer asked, “what are your salary requirements?” This question makes everyone understandably nervous; if the number you give is higher than the employer has budgeted, you

Are Resumes Still Relevant?

Are resumes still relevant? They’re traditional, and they’re still the norm, but increasingly people are asking if they remain relevant. As a professional resume writer, I obviously think resumes are still relevant and will remain so for the unforeseeable future. The alternatives? Videos in which candidates discuss their qualifications are great (if the production values