Resume Writing Tips – Make Recruiters Take Notice

professional resume and keyboardResume Writing Tips to Make Hiring Managers and Recruiters Take Notice

The key to writing the best resume is to showcase the accomplishments that make you attractive to an employer. I can’t emphasize this enough. Most job seekers focus on listing every responsibility they performed at every job, thinking that the hiring manager or human resources manager cares enough to figure out what makes you a valuable candidate. That’s WRONG! It’s your job to demonstrate what makes you such an excellent prospective employee, and the way you do that is to lead with a list of your accomplishments.

3 LinkedIn Profile Tips to Adopt for Your Job Search

94% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to identify best fit passive or active candidates for their job openings, according to a report on 2015 job recruitment trends. Ninety-four percent. Why are you on LinkedIn, anyway? For one, it’s a social network for professionals, so this is where we cyber-meet individuals whose business needs and

Why Your Job Search isn’t Working

Often, when I profile a client’s struggles with his/her job search, I get taken to task by commenters who chide me for blaming the victim. “It’s not Dave’s or Kevin’s fault,” the comments read, “it’s the job search system that’s flawed. Indeed, it’s all true. Companies are unrealistic in their demands; the job market is

3 Reasons Not to Accept a Job Offer

Maybe you’re truly unhappy and unfulfilled at your current job. Maybe you’re unemployed and are beginning to feel a bit desparate. You’re convinced that you will take anything to either get you out of a bad job or lingering unemployment. Think twice – actually, think three times –  before you grab the first job offer.