Sample Resumes for Recent College Grads

Recent College Grad Resumesrecent college grad resumes

Most college students, having recently graduated, have little actual employment experience. To avoid an empty page, students typically go into detail about the service level jobs they held to earn money while getting their degree. But this is a mistake: you didn’t get a degree so that you could leverage shelf-stocking skills, or expertise in tee-shirt folding at The Gap

Don’t list those jobs; simply state that you “worked a variety of service jobs while earning my degree.”

But every college grad resume should include relevant work. If you had internships, you’ve got great experience to write about.

But even if you didn’t work as an intern (and if you’re still in school, please do an internship! At least one!), you should include under professional (or clinical rotation) experience projects you worked on in class that are relevant to your desired profession.

I’ve included samples of recent college grad resumes for 3 students who received job offers within weeks. Check them out:




Don’t forget that a LinkedIn profile is increasingly necessary to your job search. Let me know if I can help!

If you’re still in school and pondering career choices, data analysis appears to be a growing field with lots of demand.