Resumes to Make a Career Change

Ready to Change Careers?Time for Something New

Changing careers – or making a career pivot – involves a lot more than a new resume. Individuals contemplating a change need to consider how they can either leverage their prior work to meet the needs of their hoped-for careers, or at the very least, identify the common thread between the past, the present and the future.

The easiest pivots occur organically; one job just leads to another. It happened to me, actually! I had been writing employee communications about equity compensation – a corporate benefit – and all my clients were the HR executives. Familiarity with the field of HR led me naturally into HR.

For many of my clients, we are able to find a common theme in their work. Customer service, for example, is a skill exhibited in so many careers in one form or another, making the tie in between the two careers less difficult.

Take a look at the resumes below. In one, a former executive assistant pivoted into becoming a medical office administrator. In another, a young MBA with a HR background had pivoted into corporate sales, but wanted to go into business management. We were able to leverage both experiences to position her to manage training for client-facing teams.

Sample Exec Assistant Medical Asst

Sample Sales to Business Manager

This infographic comes from an article I recommend that dives deep into things you should consider:

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What to Do When You Want to Completely Change Your Job

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