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The first step is for you to send me your current resume, along with any new information, if needed.

Additionally, it’s very important that you send me two or three job postings that you would use your new resume to apply for. There are two reasons for this: as a HR professional, I want to see if you’re targeting positions that you have a reasonable chance for. Secondly, I need to identify an aggregate of keywords that the employers you’re targeting are using so that I can organically embed as many as possibly in your resume.

Once I’ve reviewed your current resume, I’ll develop a compelling summary of qualifications that serves as your professional brand that explains who you are and the value proposition you represent to a potential employer.

One Critical Step

What have you accomplished? What differentiates you from other candidates? Often, this detail is buried in the resume when it should be highlighted. But far too often, job seekers leave it out entirely. Part of my process is to ask you to identify some specific examples that demonstrate how well you do what you do.

After I email you the first draft, we’ll discuss your feedback and incorporate that feedback into the next iteration. It’s important not to expect too much from the first draft; I’m trying to get a feel for your voice and how to best showcase your talents, and it’s a process. In most cases, one or two iterations will get us to where we are confident that the resume represents you well. If not, we continue writing the resume until we are both pleased with the result.

Once the resume is close to finished, I’ll begin working on your LinkedIn profile summary.


My fee for the new resume and LinkedIn profile ranges from $500 – $750. While I am occasionally asked how much I’d charge for the resume only, I strongly recommend not skipping that step if you’re a corporate professional. Read “Is LinkedIn Necessary to Get a Job” to learn why.

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